Drafting the Blueprint

(Note: This is part 3 in a series on weight loss and lifestyle change.)

You can’t begin to build the New You without a plan. Think of what would happen if you tried to build a house without a blueprint. Rooms would be random and haphazard, materials would be cut to the wrong lengths, wire wouldn’t run far enough, etc. It would be a complete mess. The blueprint is your master plan; it tells you where everything will fit and how you need to construct it to fit there. Because you are trying to construct a life that is very different from the one you have previously done, you need such a plan in place to make it work. Otherwise, you will naturally make decisions that fit your old life, the life with which you are familiar.

Create your blueprint, your master plan for where you want to be and how you will get there, and execute that plan to the letter. Figure out what weight you want to reach and what foods are acceptable to reach that goal. This requires some nutritional research on your part and some testing. Not every plan will work for everyone. We each have individual preferences and this will govern how we can adjust to a new life. For example, you may love broccoli and find that it makes a great meal for you. Personally, I detest it and would never be able to eat it on a regular basis. So making it part of my plan would be foolish. I could not stick to such a plan, but it might fit perfectly in yours. You have to remember this will be your house for life, the materials that go into it have to be things that are welcoming to you. You can’t live in a place you hate. That is not the recipe for a happy life.

At each stage, following your plan is essential, even on a daily basis. In the morning, you need to have a solid understanding of what your meals will be for the day. If you leave it up to your own whims, you will be making a decision based on impulse, and your impulses can lead you off the plan. It would be akin to not consulting your blueprint when you go to buy building materials. You may return from the store thinking you got things you really like, only to find they don’t fit the space you allotted in the blueprint. Your lifestyle is the same way: many of the things you enjoy and used to eat on a regular basis will not work with the New You.

This is not to say you will never eat pizza again, or donuts, or anything you love. Don’t think that way. Even the healthiest person enjoys an indulgence now and then. But you have to plan for it, when the occasion allows. Your house has all the essential living and work spaces, it should have a nice recreation room as well. You won’t be spending all your time there, but it should be there for those occasions when you need it. Maybe there’s a holiday coming up, or a friend’s birthday. Plan to allow for a big meal or a dessert then. That way, you won’t be dismayed the next morning, this was all part of the plan. Enjoy yourself and get back to work the next morning. Planning is a major part of making the New You a healthier and happier person.

Next, we lay our foundation.


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