Questioning the Magic Number

For those who believe the DC earthquake and Hurricane Irene were “messages” from God.

I’ve seen some posts from folks claiming this, and calling others to repent, come to Jesus, etc. The usual. Which brings up a few questions for me, that I’d like to posit to you.

This notion that God has sent these disasters to get more folks to repent, convert, and worship carries with it an implication that if enough do so, the disasters will stop. There exists a cut-off point, a “magic number” if you will, that represents the number of believers needed to stop natural disasters from ever happening.

I’m assuming God isn’t looking for 100% worship rate, because even the Holy Bible says there are non-believers left at the apocalypse. Therefore, His own prophecy has told us we never reach 100%, so surely he wouldn’t send us a message through disasters that He already knows we can’t follow. Right?

So there’s a Magic Number out there.

How region-specific is this message? Are we shooting for a worldwide change here. I mean, if we were to get every person in the English-Speaking world to believe, would we still die in floods and quakes because the millions in India didn’t convert? That seems harsh, we can’t do anything to reach them. We’d be praying our butts off and still not getting anywhere.

So is it on a national level? How many Americans must convert to stop all disasters in the US? My home state of Texas is one of the highest percentage Christian states in the union, yet we are in the middle of a horrible drought and have killer tornadoes every year. How far away from the magic number are we?

According to polls, belief is on the rise. Are we getting closer to stopping storms or volcanic activity?

Incidentally, we know the scientific causes of most of these phenomena. Earthquakes, for example, are caused by shifting of Earth’s tectonic plates. If we reach the magic number, will Earth’s crust no longer move? What effect will that have? The motion of the interior of the planet is known to create its magnetic field, which protects us from harmful radiation? So…don’t we NEED the Earth to be dyamically changing in order for us all to survive?

If we pray enough, will there no longer be high and low pressure fronts which cause storms? This would imply the atmosphere stops moving, or that there would be no more pressure levels. Wouldn’t that cause greater problems?

Thanks for your kind attention to these questions. I look forward to your responses.


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