Message in the Clouds

To those who see a “message” in the recent natural disasters:

The United States is one of the most predominantly religious nations in the world. Certainly at the top in terms of Christianity.

Natural disasters of all kinds strike all around the world at random intervals. Every region has its own particular headache: volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. Even the most devout can be struck down without warning.

Please stop trying to infer some message of change from your creator. This is not an anti-God post. This is an anti-illogic post. If God does exist, he is not trying to influence your behavior with an earthquake. The only message is to come together and help each other better in times of need. The only change is to learn to prepare for disaster so that when it inevitably arrives we are better able to deal with it.


2 Responses

  1. “Message in the Clouds Clarketacular Life” was a fantastic article, cannot wait to look over much more of your posts.
    Time to squander a lot of time on-line haha. Thanks a lot ,Gita

    • Much appreciated! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. – JDC

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