Sexism to Start Your Day

This morning I was listening to the Kidd Kraddick radio show, when I was treated this little gem of a “bit”: Male listeners were invited to call in and, with their voice disguised, say what they wish their wives would resolve for New Years. Kidd seemed to think this would be uproarious. He worried that women would be upset about it (can’t imagine why, right?) but was determined to do it anyway. His co-host Kelly (always the anti-feminist) said these criticisms were needed, that they would be, in her words “a bitter pill that they should swallow”.

Naturally, I was immediately wary of this entire scenario. Giving men an excuse to belittle and degrade their wives under cover of anonymity just didn’t sound like great radio, but admittedly I am biased as I am a decent human being. I admit that.

So, here are some of the lovely sentiments expressed by men about their beloved spouses:

1) My wife should wear sexier panties for me.

2) My wife should shut her mouth more.

3) My wife should let me sexually fetishize her feet more.

4) My wife should stop breast feeding our son because people don’t like it.

5) My wife should lose weight because I’m embarrassed to be seen with her.

It was every bit as disgusting as I had thought it might be, and the bottom line, as I understand it, was this: “Women should be compliant sexual objects for us, and when we are done, they should put their naughty bits away and shut up.” Brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it, all that love and adoration?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that women were not given an opportunity to “turn the tables” and give their complaints about their husbands. Nope, they just get to be degraded and take it.

So congratulations, Kidd Kraddick and company, for broadcasting the single most sexist bit of radio I believe I have ever heard.


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