Skip Scarlet Spider to Stop SOPA

Like many Marvel fans, I’ve been highly anticipating the new Scarlet Spider series. As you may know, it hits stores today. However, it recently came to light that Marvel, like its parent corporation Disney, supports SOPA.

“Stop Online Piracy Act” sounds good, but it contains provisions that would prevent activists such as Occupy Wall Street or similar groups from using the Internet to organize. It also represents the first attempt by the US Congress to censor the Internet, a common practice in totalitarian states like China.

I’m asking that you boycott Marvel and Disney until this measure passes or is defeated, to send a message and pressure them to drop their support.

This means skipping the Marvel books on sale today, including the Scarlet Spider. It won’t be easy, but sometimes action demands sacrifice. Please consider doing without a few comics today to stop something that could have dire implications for our future. Thank you.


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