Julian Castro for Governor? Please?

Doing some catch up viewing on last night’s DNC2012 speeches and yeah, how bout Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, huh?

The last time I saw a Texas politician make such a splash at the convention, I was watching my beloved Ann Richards say, “Poor George!”  Mayor Castro scored an equally big hit with me with his “Mitt Romney Says No!” refrain, punctuated by the very clever close, in which the question of expanded health care coverage was met with Castro stopping in mid-sentence, allowing the crowd to say “Mitt Romney Says No!” and casually correcting them: “Actually…” to thunderous applause.  Because, as we all know, and Castro reminded the crowd, Mitt Romney used to say yes, but now says no.


Mayor Castro is getting a huge amount of national attention this morning, and I would love it if he’d capitalize on it quickly.  I’m hoping he’ll (quickly) mount a campaign for governor.

I really liked Bill White.  But no one in Texas seemed to know who he was, much less consider voting for him.  With all the press Mayor Castro is getting, that shouldn’t be a problem.  He’s young, charismatic, and could be a star player in the Texas Democratic Party.  The election, of course, isn’t until 2014, so he’d likely have to wait out the Presidential and Congressional elections this year (his twin brother, Joaquin, is running for Congress), but sometime next year, with everything in place, he could easily announce and hit the ground running.  In a state that’s been starved for major Democratic players for a very long time, it would be a welcome and refreshing change.

So, Mr. Mayor, can I look forward to volunteering for your campaign next year?


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, Castro rocked in his speech, I would like to see if he is more than a great speaker. More and more, I judge candidates on how close to the truth they dare come. We all know a totally candid politician cant get elected. Its a very serious problem – voters do not like the harsh truth.

    But some have used this an excuse just to lie outright, as you know. That flat tax was one of them, it was not flat at all. As you probably know, the Forbes flat tax, Dicky Armey flat tax, CATO institute flat tax, they ALL simply didn’t tax unearned income at all. zero. nada.

    And that was the real point. NO taxes for guy like Mitt. NONE. I mean zero.

    I have been following this tax stuff for years, not a tax expert but I know enough to spot bullshit, and every GOP tax thing is bullshit. Total bullshit. They search for words, a vehicle, an acceptable lie. Flat tax seemed reasonable, right. They could care less if everyone else paid flat or not, though. The real deal was no taxes on unearned income.

    ANd of course they knew that. They would either not mention this part at all, or only briefly, on page 10. They should have had it the first sentence, because that is what its really about.

    There is an even more goofy tax, the fairtax, see what it taxes. The audacity of these guys — massive taxes in the fine print on cancer patients, and all city county and states. Ive studied this at length — and it’s not even a tax plan. It’s political theater.,

    Forbes, for example, would LOVE flat tax to pass. Yeah it’s distorted so they can pay much less, or nothing, but they would love that.

    This Fairax is actually a hustle, they don’t intend for it to pass. They don’t intend to tax cancer victims. They don’t intend to tax nursing home residents. But they had to make their math work.

    WHo would have a massive tax plan they didn’t really want to pass? I don’t know. Someone pushed this with a lot of money. I don’t know why


    • I agree 2 or maybe 300%! Thanks for commenting.

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