Dear Mr. President, 5 Things I’d Like To See You Do Tonight

Dear Mr. President,]

Tonight’s debate starts in less than hour.  Here are 5 things I’d like to see you do tonight:

1. Don’t let your loss in the last debate make you act less Presidential in tonight’s contest.

We heard it from pundit after pundit last time: the President was too meek.  He didn’t call Mitt Romney out on all his lies.  He didn’t go on the attack.  He didn’t use enough “zingers”.  The pundits are right that Romney won.  But that doesn’t mean you go out tonight and all of a sudden become some obnoxious clown.  Mr. President, you have VP Biden to be your attack dog (and Joe did a stellar job of it last week), you don’t need to take that road.  Study after study has shown that Middle America still sees the same behavior from whites and blacks differently.  A black man can react to things in the exact same way and be seen as too aggressive because of the remaining racial bias in America.  Don’t play into that.  Remain calm and Presidential, and stay focused on presenting yourself in a positive light.

 2. Don’t let Romney get away with misrepresenting you.

 Even while being Presidential, you can’t let Romney repeat falsehoods over and over without any challenge at all, as you did last time out.  Over and over, Romney talked about the $716 billion you took from Medicare to pay for “Obamacare”.  Oh, those poor seniors who lost all that coverage.  You never said a word.  Of course, no one lost any benefits, and that money came out of reimbursements, so Romney should not have been able to get away with misrepresenting it to score points off of you.  You let him do it, looking down and nodding as if you were ashamed of it.  You shouldn’t have let him get away with that, and it cannot happen this time.

 3. Engage.

 Look up.  Look at your opponent. Look at the audience. Engage everyone, and stand up for yourself and what you believe.  Defy them to make their case that their plan is better than yours.  Do not look down and nod sadly and wait for it all to end this time. 

 4. Prepare for the chameleon.

 I don’t like it any more than you do, Mr. President, but your opponent is a shifty guy.  He’s likely to change his colors coming into the debate tonight, and maybe even change them during the debate if he thinks he can get away with it.  Don’t let him do it.  Prepare for a range of answers you might get and how you will respond.  Point out specific examples of where and when he has said differently if need be, but prepare to make your case against him no matter which version of him you end up with.  Punching a man made of sand doesn’t get you anywhere, you have to bottle him up.  (My geek side is happy that I got to reference two Spidey villains in this one point).

 5. Make your case.

 You have a huge laundry list of accomplishments, and the country is obviously better off than it was the last time Republicans ran it.  Make your case, stand by your record, and let the country know exactly what you will do to move forward.  You have the intelligence and charisma to pull it off.  Don’t let them make you run away from all the good you have done.  Make a clear, concise argument for everything you’ve done and why you should be the one to keep on doing it.

 Good luck, Mr. President!  We’ll be watching, and as always, hoping.


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