Hey, Cars Kill People Too

In the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, the debate over gun control has been awakened yet again.  And as usual, pro-gun folks have trotted out their arguments about how it’s not the guns’ fault.  There are a litany of talking points and catch phrases tied to the idea that we shouldn’t do anything about guns.

You know and have heard them all a million times, so I won’t repeat them all, but one that always interests me is this one: “Hey, cars kill people too, you know? So should we take all the cars away too?”  Leaving aside the greater issue that the use of cars and fossil fuels is slowly killing us all, and therefore maybe this is a GREAT IDEA, let’s just focus on the gun / car analogy.

Every liberal in the world goes nuts at this comparison and quickly and handily shreds it by pointing out how bad an analogy it is.  And rightly so, because cars and guns are in no way similar.  But you know, personally, I love this comparison, and am more than willing to go with the pro-gun folks on this one.  Yes, pro-gun person, I say, you are 100% RIGHT ON THE MONEY.  I’m so glad you made this comparison, because I think it should the basis for EVERY single piece of gun control legislation FROM NOW ON.  Here’s why:

  • You must be licensed to drive a car.
  • You must be trained to safely operate your car.
  • Your car(s) must be registered, and regularly inspected.
  • There are restrictions on what type of car you may own and operate.
  • There are restrictions on where you may drive your car.
  • There are restrictions on the safe operation of your car.
  • When entering any building, business, or even public area, your car must be left behind.  And it can’t be left just anywhere, there are approved places for them to be parked and an approved manner for them to be parked.
  • If we suspect you are violating these rules, you can be stopped and checked.
  • If you are found to be violating them, you can lose your right to operate your car or have it suspended.

So, I thank the pro-gun folks for coming up with this most apt comparison for use in the crafting of all our gun control legislation.  I’m glad we could agree that guns are a lot like cars and therefore should be handled similarly.  You’ve done us all a great service.

We need to stop talking about this and get it done. NOW.


7 Responses

  1. I think that the intent of cars is transportation, and the ultimate intent of guns is to kill. You can’t legislate away death, but you can restrict access to weapons based on reasonable criteria. The US constitution is wrong, if it says everyone should have the right to bear arms!

    • Exactly, Rob! It’s a faulty analogy, but I say we use it to get things done. If they want to treat guns like cars, I’m all for it! 😉 Thanks for your comment!

      • A motor vehicle licence is highly regulated and if you are physically, emotionally, or psychologically unfit to drive, then the government prohibits you from operating or being in contrôlée of a motor vehicle.
        An assault rifle or handgun has no other utility than to destroy human life, and yet the gun lobby will defend the right of lunatics to own, and possess incredibly convenient devices for this task. they in short, defend the right of the lunatic at Sandy Hook to have the weapons he used under the second amendment, and this is insane!

  2. The ultimate conclusion of the pro gun lobby is that the 5 years olds could have defended themselves if they were armed. But most rational people have objections to arming 5 year old school children, they are indeed not qualified to be given the right of gun ownership, and neither should many American adults! Gun console and restrictions is only sane, the arguments of the gun lobby is not.
    The intended design of a car is for efficient transportation, the intended design of handguns and assault rifles is to kill people quickly and efficiently. If Americans can not comprehend this distinction, they are retards!

  3. wow – I searched and found it. Thanks for the post. Kate Legan

    • The fact is an assault rifle by intent and design has a certain energy. You can see this demonstrated with seven year old children. Give the child a toy assault rifle, and he uses it to shoot his little sister, his mother, his father, and any of his friends or neighbours who innocently happen by. I’ve this same seven year old a toy hunting rifle, and he proceeds to hunt neighbourhood squirrels and rabbits, and even exotics like lions and tigers. the seven year old knows the difference of intent by design, and handguns and assault rifles have no other intent by design than to kill people efficiently and quickly! An assault rifle has an energy by design quite different from the gun a farmer might use to kill a pesky ground hog!

    • In fact if a farmer took an assault rifle out to ride himself of a groundhog menace by spraying bullets all over the place, you would think him quite insane! Even a seven year old is smarter than this?

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