Leader of Child Molestation Ring Joseph Ratzinger to Resign

No doubt you’ve heard by now: Ratzinger, also known as Pope Benedict XVI, has announced his resignation, the first Pope to do so since 1415.

It would probably be too much to hope for that this means he’ll finally face charges for crimes against humanity, for organizing the most massive cover up of child rape in the history of the world.  Thousands of priests who abused hundreds of thousands of kids were shuffled around to treatment centers around the world, and put in new diocese where they would not be known, all on the bill of Catholics worldwide, whose tithes paid millions of dollars to cover up the molestation of their own children.

What shocks me is why any of them continue to go there at all.  Ask a Catholic why they continue to attend the Church and you get a host of answers from the weak to the entirely delusional.

“Because of my beliefs.” But…your belief in the church is based on the fact that the Pope is divinely chosen and is the instrument of God on Earth.  After everything he did, you can’t possibly still believe that?  God wanted child rapists to go free? God wanted those children to be molested in the first place? I refuse to accept that you believe those things.  You have to realize you have been lied to by that organization your entire life.

“That was just a minority, the majority haven’t done anything.” True enough, but we’re still talking about a massive massive problem, considering the size of the church worldwide. Thousands of priests, hundreds of thousands of children.  And your money paid for it.  Soak that in for a minute.  You personally helped pay for the abuse of children around the world.  And if you still go there, you continue to support it happening every day.

Look, you got lied to and used by people you trusted.  That sucks, and I’m really sorry it happened, believe me.  But if you continue to go there on Sunday even after becoming fully aware of the enormity of what was done, to my mind you stop being a victim and start being part of the problem.  You don’t have to keep going there and supporting it.  Get up and leave, go find a Church that’s not a completely monstrous entity. There are lots of them out there.  Do it before your kids wind up on that list of victims, please.

It’s great that Ratzinger is leaving.  But I don’t hold any illusions that it will change anything.  Not as long as people continue to support the Catholic Church and everything evil that it has done with their money.  Not as long as the next Pope can wear gold fabric and live in a castle and travel in an armored car that protects him from facing any justice.

The hope that the next Pope will change things so the cycle will end is a fool’s hope.  This has been going on for hundreds of years, we’re just now cracking it wide open because of television and the internet.  It won’t stop now.  Priests are still required to be celibate, a change in Church doctrine which has led to disastrous results.   So I fully expect that the new Pope will continue to sweep child rape under the rug and protect pedophile priests just as much as the last one did.  And believers’ money will continue to fund the whole thing.

It won’t end with the resignation of one man.  It will only finally end when people stop going there, and stop paying to keep it going.  It will end when the last Catholic Church finally shuts its doors, and the last Priest takes off his collar.

I only hope I live to see that.


2 Responses

  1. I’m kind of hoping that the part in the Prophesy of Malachy, the part about “the dreadful judge will judge his people,” means a criminal trial for all those who perpetuated the rapes or the cover ups.

    One pope left. Maybe we will live to see it.

    • Sadly, it looks as if everyone involved will escape justice because no one is willing to do anything. Moreover, I suspect they will just keep on doing the same thing with no change at all.

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