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Your Attacks on Miley Say More About You
August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus made quite a splash last night. Twitter blew up with an outrage not heard since…uh, the day before, when they were outraged over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. As outrageous as casting an award winning actor/director to play a major role may have been, Miley committed even more unpardonable sins on the VMAs, such as dressing scantily and behaving in an overtly sexual manner, which in our modern society are seemingly worse than murder.

Using one of these attacks today? Perhaps you should take a step back, and look at what you’re saying actually says about you.

1) Her body is gross, her ass is flat! (etc etc)

Body shaming is so crass. Just because you are ashamed of your own body, don’t hate on someone else for being comfortable with theirs. I think it’s great that Miley is at home with her body and enjoys showing it off. We should all be that happy with ourselves. And so what if it doesn’t look like your “ideal” body, who the fuck are you that we should all conform to your ideals. Fuck off.

2) Oh my God she’s half naked! So inappropriate for a former Disney star!

Do you realize how many people have appeared in movies or television produced by Disney and Disney affiliates? Are you really suggesting that none of them should behave in a manner inconsistent with a G-rating for the rest of their lives? Miley is 20 years old, she’s an adult, she can show skin if she wants. What this statement means is that you are repressed and uncomfortable with the human body.  You probably react this way every time a celeb appears showing some skin. The VMAs aren’t a Disney kid’s show, they’re an adult venue with a history of adult behavior. Grow up, become an adult yourself, or don’t watch it.

3) That was so trashy! All that sexual behavior, grinding and sexing up stuffed animals! Disgusting!

Number one, this is slut shaming, because you’ve decided that an adult woman displaying an enjoyment of sex is somehow “trashy”, and at the same time have not applied this judgment to men (including the man ON THE STAGE WITH HER). Number two, this also shows a pretty deep level of repression. Grinding and simulated sex, even with animals, are not the real thing happening on stage there, it’s all in the name of putting on a wild, raunchy show, which apparently you aren’t able to handle due to your own issues with sex.

4) How dare she grind on Robin Thicke like that? He’s a married man!

Again, and it’s really sad that I keep having to repeat this but: IT’S A SHOW! It’s not real. You don’t complain when married men are with different women in movies or television shows, do you? Well that’s what this was, a venue of entertainment.  They weren’t caught out at a club together.  Your inability to separate fantasy from reality is really a problem at this point.  Additionally, you appear to level all blame for your outrage on Miley, and none of it on Robin, which shows quite a different problem, and a raging double standard.

5) She’s appropriating black culture with all that twerking!

I don’t even know where to start with this. “Twerking” is now “black culture”? Seriously? The majority of the audience for hip hop are white people. Even if you don’t like it, that ship has sailed. White kids all over the nation are rapping and twerking and there’s really nothing you or anyone else can do about it.  And performers have been adopting various musical and dance styles without regard to what race they “belong” to since Elvis. That ship has sailed too.  So even if I do allow that “twerking” somehow “belongs” to black culture, your complaint really has no merit.  But I won’t allow that, because music and dance really have no color. Once they’re out there, they’re out there, for anyone to adopt and perform, and enjoy, as they see fit.  I wouldn’t want anyone telling me I can’t buy the latest Kanye CD because I’m not allowed to enjoy black culture, and I don’t want anyone telling Eminem he can’t rap for the same reasons. So as far as I’m concerned, twerk it up, Miley.

Hey, if you didn’t like the show, fine. I’m not telling anyone to like something they don’t like, or not to express their dislike.  I’m just saying there are certain complaints that have major implications for your worldview behind them, and if you take a moment to unpack them, you might find that what you’re saying about Miley Cyrus this morning says way more about you than it does about her. Our society is still so repressed and so in the grip of ancient, mothballed concepts of what’s “sinful” and “inappropriate”. Really, we need to look at these and understand them so we can get past them and move on. Otherwise, we’re no better than those who threw Pussy Riot in jail, or throw acid in a woman’s face for not wearing a veil. 

Fuck that nonsense, right?


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August 19, 2013

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