Need your help, friends.


As many of you know, earlier this year my car broke down. The repair estimate was well over $4000, which effectively meant I was without a car for the foreseeable future.  I’ve been sharing a vehicle with my mother since then, not an ideal situation but we’ve been getting by as best we can.

Yesterday, my mother’s car broke down, and the estimate for her repairs is over $2000. Again we are faced with a situation where we just don’t have the means to take care of that right now.  We are pursuing our options, but frankly I’ve reached the point where I am forced to ask for help.

I don’t like doing it.  No one likes asking for help, especially in these times when everyone is in a bad situation of their own.  No one likes being panhandled, and I understand that.  I wouldn’t do it if I weren’t in place of desperation.

I have added a PayPal Donate button to my blog.  Obviously I have no expectation of anyone, but I ask if you are able to help even with a small amount, please do so. Thank you for any help you are able to give.

I intend to continue to provide free content for this blog.  Additionally, my works on Smashwords are currently “Set Your Own Price” until Christmas Day, so please by all means take advantage of that sale to get my eBooks for free or a reduced price.  (For free especially if you donate here!)



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