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It’s time to #GiveYourMoneyToWomen
June 25, 2015


Need your help, friends.
December 4, 2013


As many of you know, earlier this year my car broke down. The repair estimate was well over $4000, which effectively meant I was without a car for the foreseeable future.  I’ve been sharing a vehicle with my mother since then, not an ideal situation but we’ve been getting by as best we can.

Yesterday, my mother’s car broke down, and the estimate for her repairs is over $2000. Again we are faced with a situation where we just don’t have the means to take care of that right now.  We are pursuing our options, but frankly I’ve reached the point where I am forced to ask for help.

I don’t like doing it.  No one likes asking for help, especially in these times when everyone is in a bad situation of their own.  No one likes being panhandled, and I understand that.  I wouldn’t do it if I weren’t in place of desperation.

I have added a PayPal Donate button to my blog.  Obviously I have no expectation of anyone, but I ask if you are able to help even with a small amount, please do so. Thank you for any help you are able to give.

I intend to continue to provide free content for this blog.  Additionally, my works on Smashwords are currently “Set Your Own Price” until Christmas Day, so please by all means take advantage of that sale to get my eBooks for free or a reduced price.  (For free especially if you donate here!)


Your Attacks on Miley Say More About You
August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus made quite a splash last night. Twitter blew up with an outrage not heard since…uh, the day before, when they were outraged over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. As outrageous as casting an award winning actor/director to play a major role may have been, Miley committed even more unpardonable sins on the VMAs, such as dressing scantily and behaving in an overtly sexual manner, which in our modern society are seemingly worse than murder.

Using one of these attacks today? Perhaps you should take a step back, and look at what you’re saying actually says about you.

1) Her body is gross, her ass is flat! (etc etc)

Body shaming is so crass. Just because you are ashamed of your own body, don’t hate on someone else for being comfortable with theirs. I think it’s great that Miley is at home with her body and enjoys showing it off. We should all be that happy with ourselves. And so what if it doesn’t look like your “ideal” body, who the fuck are you that we should all conform to your ideals. Fuck off.

2) Oh my God she’s half naked! So inappropriate for a former Disney star!

Do you realize how many people have appeared in movies or television produced by Disney and Disney affiliates? Are you really suggesting that none of them should behave in a manner inconsistent with a G-rating for the rest of their lives? Miley is 20 years old, she’s an adult, she can show skin if she wants. What this statement means is that you are repressed and uncomfortable with the human body.  You probably react this way every time a celeb appears showing some skin. The VMAs aren’t a Disney kid’s show, they’re an adult venue with a history of adult behavior. Grow up, become an adult yourself, or don’t watch it.

3) That was so trashy! All that sexual behavior, grinding and sexing up stuffed animals! Disgusting!

Number one, this is slut shaming, because you’ve decided that an adult woman displaying an enjoyment of sex is somehow “trashy”, and at the same time have not applied this judgment to men (including the man ON THE STAGE WITH HER). Number two, this also shows a pretty deep level of repression. Grinding and simulated sex, even with animals, are not the real thing happening on stage there, it’s all in the name of putting on a wild, raunchy show, which apparently you aren’t able to handle due to your own issues with sex.

4) How dare she grind on Robin Thicke like that? He’s a married man!

Again, and it’s really sad that I keep having to repeat this but: IT’S A SHOW! It’s not real. You don’t complain when married men are with different women in movies or television shows, do you? Well that’s what this was, a venue of entertainment.  They weren’t caught out at a club together.  Your inability to separate fantasy from reality is really a problem at this point.  Additionally, you appear to level all blame for your outrage on Miley, and none of it on Robin, which shows quite a different problem, and a raging double standard.

5) She’s appropriating black culture with all that twerking!

I don’t even know where to start with this. “Twerking” is now “black culture”? Seriously? The majority of the audience for hip hop are white people. Even if you don’t like it, that ship has sailed. White kids all over the nation are rapping and twerking and there’s really nothing you or anyone else can do about it.  And performers have been adopting various musical and dance styles without regard to what race they “belong” to since Elvis. That ship has sailed too.  So even if I do allow that “twerking” somehow “belongs” to black culture, your complaint really has no merit.  But I won’t allow that, because music and dance really have no color. Once they’re out there, they’re out there, for anyone to adopt and perform, and enjoy, as they see fit.  I wouldn’t want anyone telling me I can’t buy the latest Kanye CD because I’m not allowed to enjoy black culture, and I don’t want anyone telling Eminem he can’t rap for the same reasons. So as far as I’m concerned, twerk it up, Miley.

Hey, if you didn’t like the show, fine. I’m not telling anyone to like something they don’t like, or not to express their dislike.  I’m just saying there are certain complaints that have major implications for your worldview behind them, and if you take a moment to unpack them, you might find that what you’re saying about Miley Cyrus this morning says way more about you than it does about her. Our society is still so repressed and so in the grip of ancient, mothballed concepts of what’s “sinful” and “inappropriate”. Really, we need to look at these and understand them so we can get past them and move on. Otherwise, we’re no better than those who threw Pussy Riot in jail, or throw acid in a woman’s face for not wearing a veil. 

Fuck that nonsense, right?

New Author Interview
August 19, 2013

I have a new author interview up at BookLOADS. We discuss MISSING TIME, and writing in general. Check it out!

February 27, 2013


emma wolf

Apparently Rand Paul thinks that if health care is a right, doctors will be enslaved.

With regard to the idea whether or not you have a right to health care you have to realize what that implies. I am a physician. You have a right to come to my house and conscript me.

Um…no. And to prove my point, let me draw your attention to something. It’s called the Constitution. Have you heard of it? The Sixth Amendment says, in relevant part:

If you have been arrested, you have the right to an attorney. Just like if you sneeze, people are arguing that you have the right to healthcare. If you’re where I practice, your attorney might be me. This does not mean I am a slave!…

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Sci-Fi/SuperHero Fans: Buy “Missing Time” in eBook or Print!
February 8, 2013

cover final corrections2

“Eight Students.  A school bus.  A lonely bridge in the dark of night.

When the school bus careens off the bridge and crashes into the river, they are lucky just to have survived.  But soon, they discover they have gained special abilities, like the power to read minds, to fly, or to resurrect the dead.  And that’s just the beginning…

Now they are being hunted down one by one, and to survive they must piece together their memories and solve the mystery of the missing time.”

“Missing Time” is a science fiction / super hero novella.  It is the beginning of the 3 part series called “313”.  If you like superhero action, suspense, sci-fi, with a touch of mystery, you will definitely enjoy it.  The story flashes back and forth in time as we piece together the threads of what actually happened that night, and how it changed the lives of the characters.

If you are a comics fan, this series is a very different look at superheroes, something akin to TV’s “Heroes” or “The 4400”, sometimes dark and tragic, but with action and twists, and an apocalyptic overtone as the action moves into Volume 2.

Additionally, if you are looking for books with strong women, look no further.  Becca reads and controls minds.  Heather can transform into anything she touches.  And Mia, well…Mia can throw a car with her bare hands.

Follow the links below and get in on the ground floor of this strange and exciting series!

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Words in a Cage
January 30, 2013

The other day I decided to drop by a bookstore and see if maybe there were a couple of books I might want to pick up.  I was rapidly closing on the end of “A Dance with Dragons”, and needed some new reading material.

As I perused the shelves, I noted with disappointment that they lacked a couple of books I specifically had on a list of books to buy.  Damn.  I could order them, but that takes a couple of days, and it’s easy enough to order them on Amazon and have them download to my Kindle instantly.

Maybe some classic books, or new books by authors I trust?  I reviewed and found those shelves bereft as well.  My favorite author, Gene Wolfe, as an example, was not represented AT ALL in their science fiction / fantasy section, which I consider to be a travesty of justice.  Others had few to no books in stock.  Oh well, I thought, easy enough to see what’s available in their Amazon catalog.

In fact, the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea of buying these clunky old things with their pages and glued together bindings.  They have to be carried around, singly or in bags to contain multiple books.  They have to be stored, on shelves or in boxes or stacked hither and yon.  Occasionally you have to go through them and decide what to keep, what to store, what to sell, what to give away.  When you move, they have to be packed up and carried and unpacked and put in order again.

What a hassle.

Maybe books weren’t a good purchase, I thought, looking around at the other areas of the store.  But that thought was dashed as I glanced around.  Magazines and periodicals, who really reads them anymore?  You can get those digitally or read internet content.  Calendars?  I have a calendar on my smartphone.  Various instructional manuals and how to books? All replaced by websites and phone apps.  Even the music and movie section was useless to me.  CDs and DVDs?  I get all my music either on MP3s, or streaming through sites like Pandora.  DVDs have long since been replaced by streaming movies through Netflix or other sources.

The entire store was an anachronism, a temple to ancient commercial gods, a shrine where artifacts of the past are proudly displayed.  My gaze turned to the customers, white haired, wrinkled old people, and young children, presumably their grandchildren, dragged by Grampy into this strange land of antiques, made to hunt through forests of dead trees and headstones of molded plastic.

I have conversations every day with people who cling to these things, like drowning people clutching at a raft.  “I’ll never let go of books,” they say.  “I love the smell, the texture.”  Fair enough, but it makes me wonder if there were similar people who refused to switch to the printed word when the presses were invented: people who swore they’d relinquish parchment and ink from quill pens with their dying breath.  People like these, who surrounded me in the store, unable or unwilling to escape.

I left the store that day, and I’m still leaving it, trying to let go of the past and its grip on the imagination.  Moving forward, taking the words and the sounds with me, as they stream through the cloud, or someday, to chips in our heads.  Liberated from the page, released from their cages to roam free.

I’m taking them with me.

Buy “The Rubberband Man & Other Stories” eBook only 99 cents!
January 27, 2013

Available in digital eBook format for ONLY 99 CENTS!

“The Rubberband Man and Other Stories” 10 short stories from the strange corners of the imagination.

In “Green” a young girl forms a bond with the great old tree in her yard.  In “Onion Street”, lovers find their relationship tested in a little Texas Cafe. In “Quantum Theory and Tube Socks”, a down and out television producer goes on a metaphysical voyage of iffy science, bad television, and salvation of self.  In “The Rubberband Man”, the tenuous nature of power is explored when a new student is called before the court of the reigning school bully.  These tales and others from the mind of J.David Clarke play out unusual scenes from the strange corners of imagination.

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Year of the Dave
December 31, 2012

For another look into my Clarketacular Life and how I intend to make 2013 my most Clarketacular year yet, please follow my new tumblr blog “Year of the Dave”.  I’ll still be posting my political and atheistic ramblings here, this will be a fun look at the year 2013 and how I intend to go after it with everything I’ve got!

Dear Mr. President, 5 Things I’d Like To See You Do Tonight
October 16, 2012

Dear Mr. President,]

Tonight’s debate starts in less than hour.  Here are 5 things I’d like to see you do tonight:

1. Don’t let your loss in the last debate make you act less Presidential in tonight’s contest.

We heard it from pundit after pundit last time: the President was too meek.  He didn’t call Mitt Romney out on all his lies.  He didn’t go on the attack.  He didn’t use enough “zingers”.  The pundits are right that Romney won.  But that doesn’t mean you go out tonight and all of a sudden become some obnoxious clown.  Mr. President, you have VP Biden to be your attack dog (and Joe did a stellar job of it last week), you don’t need to take that road.  Study after study has shown that Middle America still sees the same behavior from whites and blacks differently.  A black man can react to things in the exact same way and be seen as too aggressive because of the remaining racial bias in America.  Don’t play into that.  Remain calm and Presidential, and stay focused on presenting yourself in a positive light.

 2. Don’t let Romney get away with misrepresenting you.

 Even while being Presidential, you can’t let Romney repeat falsehoods over and over without any challenge at all, as you did last time out.  Over and over, Romney talked about the $716 billion you took from Medicare to pay for “Obamacare”.  Oh, those poor seniors who lost all that coverage.  You never said a word.  Of course, no one lost any benefits, and that money came out of reimbursements, so Romney should not have been able to get away with misrepresenting it to score points off of you.  You let him do it, looking down and nodding as if you were ashamed of it.  You shouldn’t have let him get away with that, and it cannot happen this time.

 3. Engage.

 Look up.  Look at your opponent. Look at the audience. Engage everyone, and stand up for yourself and what you believe.  Defy them to make their case that their plan is better than yours.  Do not look down and nod sadly and wait for it all to end this time. 

 4. Prepare for the chameleon.

 I don’t like it any more than you do, Mr. President, but your opponent is a shifty guy.  He’s likely to change his colors coming into the debate tonight, and maybe even change them during the debate if he thinks he can get away with it.  Don’t let him do it.  Prepare for a range of answers you might get and how you will respond.  Point out specific examples of where and when he has said differently if need be, but prepare to make your case against him no matter which version of him you end up with.  Punching a man made of sand doesn’t get you anywhere, you have to bottle him up.  (My geek side is happy that I got to reference two Spidey villains in this one point).

 5. Make your case.

 You have a huge laundry list of accomplishments, and the country is obviously better off than it was the last time Republicans ran it.  Make your case, stand by your record, and let the country know exactly what you will do to move forward.  You have the intelligence and charisma to pull it off.  Don’t let them make you run away from all the good you have done.  Make a clear, concise argument for everything you’ve done and why you should be the one to keep on doing it.

 Good luck, Mr. President!  We’ll be watching, and as always, hoping.